Our Business Ownership Solutions work was featured in an article about 3cross Brewing Co. in Worcester, Maine and the brewery’s decision to become a worker-owned cooperative.

Three years ago, Dave Howland combined two of his passions – beer and biking – to create 3cross Brewing Co. in Worcester. Now, with a conversion in corporate structure to a cooperative, he is inviting community members to join him for the ride.

…In Northampton, Cooperative Development Institute provides similar assistance to businesses seeking a new structure, sometimes to preserve what they have and other times to grow, according to Rob Brown, founder and director of CDI’s Business Ownership Solutions program.

…“If the employees carry it on with a friendly kind of inside sale, the legacy is preserved and the workers are rewarded, which is good on all fronts,” Mr. Brown said. “Co-ops are the ultimate empowerment for employees.”

Read the complete article on Telegram.com.

“3cross Brewing inviting members to come along for co-op ride” in The Telegram