turnpike take 3Job Title: Housing Program Organizer (Part Time, 20-30 hours/week)
Reports to: Director, New England Resident Owned Communities Program (NEROC)
Compensation: $18-22/hour plus benefits
FLSA: Salaried/Exempt

Position Overview:

Works in the NEROC (New England Resident Owned Communities) program of the Cooperative Development Institute, organizing manufactured home park residents to form cooperatives to purchase and manage their communities; provides training and assistance to existing resident-owned manufactured home communities, helps members understand their roles and responsibilities in order to more effectively manage their resident owned community; fosters a sense of empowerment and community spirit.

On occasion, shepherds other cooperative development projects successfully from inception to launch, providing and/or assembling high-quality technical assistance and development resources.

Required Skills

  • Extremely organized
  • Conflict mediation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Ability to provide assistance, resources, and advice, while developing community leadership.
  • Knowledge and comfort with democratically run organizational structures, managements, policies and practices.

Essential Job Functions:
Housing Program Organizer:

  1. Provides technical assistance to resident owned manufactured housing communities, which includes:
    • Facilitating community meetings and presentations.
    • Assisting in resident association board meetings, including preparation, agenda setting, running efficient meetings, follow-up, and review of minutes and financial statements.
    • Training co-op boards and facilitating the creation and implementation of Bylaws and community rules.
    • Training co-op boards and facilitating the creation and implementation of policies related to member applications, parliamentary procedure, committee structures, rules enforcement, etc.
  2. Collaborates with other technical assistance providers to train board directors and community members in:
    • Understanding financial statements
    • Rights and responsibilities of members and directors
    • Cooperative communication skills
    • Leadership development
    • Capital improvements planning
    • Roles and responsibilities for cooperative management and administration.
  3. Provides organizational and administrative assistance to the NEROC Program to ensure that the various elements of the Program are running smoothly; includes meeting facilitation, fundraising assistance, and fulfilling reporting requirements.
  4. Assists both established and developing resident-owned communities with all aspects of their financial and loan compliance responsibilities.
  5. As needed, assists struggling cooperatives to assess their organizational health, identify problems, and develop goals and a plan of action.
  6. Other tasks and special projects, as assigned.Cooperative Development:
  7. Assembles and manages the human, financial and other resources required to successfully implement and complete a project;
  8. As a Project Manager, oversees the sub-contractor and consulting Request for Proposal (RFP), recruiting, and contracting process, and oversees work and performance of project sub-contractors and consultants;
  9. Ensures projects are within budget, on-time, meeting deliverables; and if not, ensures appropriate change requests are made and approved in a timely fashion;
  10. Ensures complete and up-to-date grant and project files, which include funder contacts, grant proposals, grant contracts and correspondence, project agreements, project contacts, deliverables, timelines, budgets, and consultant contracts;
  11. Provides project progress reports as required.

Organizational Expectations:

  1. Responsible for conducting all activities within the prescribed policy and budgetary guidelines as set by the Board and administered by the Executive Director.
  2. Functions as a participant in CDI’s Cooperative Development Team, sharing information effectively to assist others in doing CDI’s work. Builds positive and strong relationships with other CDI staff.
  3. Demonstrates personal responsibility in job performance.
  4. Responsible for role modeling professional standard of behavior. Takes this role within the organization, is consistently respectful and professional with staff and clients.
  5. May be required to perform additional, related duties or functions of lesser or greater responsibility as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 3 to 5 years of cooperative business experience, including project management experience in for-profit, non-profit community or economic development organizations.
  2. Experience with group facilitation, coaching a group through an autonomous decision-making process, and coping with conflict situations.

Knowledge Skills/Abilities:

  1. Advanced degree in related field welcomed, minimum of Bachelors degree or equivalent.
  2. Strong knowledge of fiscal management, strategic planning and general business practices.
  3. Working understanding of budgeting, real estate and financing.
  4. Strong knowledge of and commitment to cooperatives and cooperative development.
  5. Well-developed partnership, process development and integration and planning skills.
  6. Familiarity with public policy process and development.
  7. Excellent communication skills, including public speaking, consensus-building and facilitation skills.
  8. Proactive and team-oriented leadership required.
  9. Ability to think critically and solve problems creatively with small and large groups.
  10. Demonstrated experience working effectively on a team.
  11. Demonstrated success in community building and organizing.
  12. Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  13. Demonstrated experience in working remotely/independently.
  14. Computer literacy required.
  15. Ability to work with diverse groups of residents as well as town and state officials, attorneys, engineers, and other professionals.
  16. Available evenings and occasional weekends.
  17. Ability to travel.
  18. Experience with cooperative governance structures and working with boards of directors preferred.
  19. Experience with meeting process, property management, or contractor negotiations a bonus.


  1. Well spoken and articulate.
  2. Calm demeanor; able to perform under pressure during difficult interpersonal conflict.
  3. Plans ahead, able to complete tasks and meet tight deadlines.
  4. Able to understand and manage multiple complex tasks.
  5. Works collaboratively, self-motivated, flexible, enthusiastic.

Please send a resume, cover letter, and references to info@cdi.coop. This position will remain open until filled.

In accordance with Federal law, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the base of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. CDI is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

CDI seeks Housing Program Organizer, eastern MA (PT)
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