Maine is internationally renowned for our food. We also rank 7th in the country and 1st in New England for food insecurity, or households without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. How can we effectively feed Maine, ensure fair wages to producers and workers, and continue to support a flourishing food system from farm and sea to table?

Celebrate Co-op Month and ​join us on Wed 10/25, 5:30pm at Portland Food Co-op for a discussion on how co-ops can foster a healthy, resilient food economy, rooted in local ownership​.

​The discussion will be facilitated by CDI’s ​Jonah Fertig-Burd, who​ works with farmers, food producers, cooks, distributors, and community members to develop democratic businesses. He is a Cooperative Food Systems Developer at CDI, co-founder of Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative and Local Sprouts Cooperative​ as well as a speaker at statewide, regional and national conferences about cooperatives in the food system.

Celebrate Co-op Month with CDI at the Portland Food Co-op