General Manager, Barrels Community Market, Waterville, Maine

Salaried: $42,000/year

Contact: David Gulak (Board Chair)

Barrels Community Market is currently seeking to hire a full-time General Manager. Barrels is a fun and lively consumer-owned cooperative located in the heart of downtown Waterville. The market is unique in its comprehensive focus on providing locally-sourced food and other products to its members and customers. As a coop, the market is overseen by a Board of Directors voted on by the membership. We are heading into our 6th year of operation as a market, and our Board is looking for a dynamic general manager to take the reins and work with the Board to grow the market to the next level. This position is both challenging and rewarding, and we are seeking an ambitious and motivated individual that will enjoy building a well-established entity into something even more dynamic and successful.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Manage employees and volunteers.

  2. Maintain a well-stocked and attractive retail market. Keep in close and regular communication with suppliers to ensure consistent deliveries and supportive long-term relationships. Research and establish connections with new vendors.

  3. Serve as the point person for all primary market communications, reply to inquiries in a timely and respectful manner.

  4. Maintain quickbooks account and monitor financials. Work with Board to create, implement, and accomplish annual budget. Pay bills and field all billing questions.

  5. Ongoing promotions, marketing, strategic partnerships and media activities to attract new customers and keep existing customer base engaged and interested.

  6. Manage and grow catering business and related customer relationships.

  7. Regularly attend and participate in Board and Membership meetings. Work with committee chairs to implement committee agendas.

  8. Long term business development and market planning to grow Barrels Market Coop. Work with Board of Directors on strategy development and implementation.


Our Board is willing to consider a variety of candidates. We prefer someone with related managerial experience, but it is not essential. We believe the right manager has a unique mix of skills and a varied background to draw on. A strong passion for selling locally & sustainably raised food is a must. Based on our experiences to date, the most important attributes for the ideal candidate to exhibit are as follows:

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and demands on your time on a moment-to-moment basis.

  • Interpersonal skills are critical. It is an open-air market and the manager is constantly interacting with customers, suppliers, and staff.

  • Understanding of budgeting, familiarity with basic accounting and reporting, and comfort balancing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual income and expenses.

  • Ability to delegate tasks and manage employees and volunteers effectively.

  • Willingness to periodically put in extra hours when the market is closed.

  • Enjoys and thrives in a collaborative environment. Willingness and energy to regularly synthesize feedback from consumer members, board members, staff, and others.

  • Confident, articulate, detail-oriented, professional, organized, and entrepreneurial.

Co-op Job Posting: General Manager, Barrels Community Market, Waterville, Maine