The National Cooperative Development Act has taken a big step. Congressman Fattah has written a letter to his Colleagues, asking them to become original co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation. In the letter, Congressman Fattah explains to his fellow Members of Congress some of the many benefits cooperative development has on communities:

  • Advancing the economic stability of local areas;
  • Increasing the circulation of capital in the local area increasing its economic multiplier and the impact of community investment, spurring locally oriented economic growth;
  • Developing, attracting and anchoring new productive capital in low-income communities; and
  • Expanding investment opportunities and asset creation for low and moderate-income Americans.

I’m asking you, my fellow co-op colleagues, to support the National Cooperative Development Act. This is an important time for us to rally early support for its passage. The Legislation needs support now in the form of original co-sponsors. And you are the ones to make it happen!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Read the Dear Colleague Letter and the Legislation
  • Call your Representative’s local office and make an appointment to talk to them or their staff in-person about the National Cooperative Development Act! Tell them about all the great work cooperatives are doing and can do in their district, and ask them to be a co-sponsor for this bill. Use this link to find your Representative’s contact info
  • Participate in a webinar about the Legislation and how to effectively lobby your Member of Congress for support. (scheduled for next Tuesday – November 22nd – more details to come)
  • Spread the news – Share with your community of co-op supporters – and get them to join our campaign!

Thank you for your continued support, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions,

Peter Frank
Advocacy Coordinator – Cooperation Works!

Contact Your Rep: National Cooperative Development Act
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