Vermont's Co-opsWe recently teamed up with Cabot Creamery, the Association of Vermont Credit Unions, and VSECU to build a database of every co-op in the state of Vermont. Now, the results are in!

The high-profile cooperative census has helped to create a new database that tracks cooperatively organized businesses in Vermont. These exist across many sectors, including food, energy, education, housing, and finance. The database itself enables users to support the cooperative economy and will serve as the basis of a Vermont co-op economic impact report. The survey confirmed 130 cooperatives in Vermont, and produced an interactive online map of their locations.

In tandem with the unveiling of the census results, VSECU also announced a new investment initiative named “Co-op Capital,” which will make equity investments in other cooperatives. The census helped VSECU to identify potential borrowers.

The last census to have counted the state’s co-ops is now many years old. With the addition of this new database, advocates and developers alike will have an essential and up-to-date organizing tool for cooperatives in Vermont.

Data on Vermont’s Co-ops Now Available
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