University of Southern Maine Sociology Professor Ed Collom will be speaking at Local Sprouts Café on Thursday, May 31st at 2pm on “Empowering Economics: How Worker-Owned Cooperatives and TimeBanks Re-Value Labor and Community.” Other speakers include Jonah Fertig and Heather Blersch of Local Sprouts Cooperative, and Orion Breen of Hour Exchange Portland. The event is being presented by  the University of Southern Maine Student Sociology Association.

    Ed Collom’s research focuses on community currency (an alternative to the mainstream economy), home schooling (an alternative to the public education system), and workplace democracy (an alternative to bureaucratic control structures). A book by Ed Collom with Judy Lasker of Lehigh and Corinne Kyriacou of Hofstra entitled Equal Time, Equal Value: Community Currencies and Time Banking in the USA will be published this August through Ashgate Publishing.

    Hour Exchange Portland creates an alternative local economy of neighbors helping neighbors. Neighbors exchange service cash-free and tax-free based on the currency of time, where everyone’s time is equal no matter what the service being provided. Over the years Hour Exchange Portland members have exchanged over 150,000 hours of community service and provided over 25,000 hours of free health care. Anyone interested in finding out more or joining Hour Exchange Portland can visit their website<>

    Local Sprouts Cooperative is worker-owned cooperative that provides local and organic food and holistic learning through cooking food for our community. They have a Cafe on Congress St, provide local and organic catering and learning programs in collaboration with non-profits and schools in Portland. The United Nations has declared 2012 International Year of Cooperatives.

    WHO: University of Southern Maine Sociology Professor Ed Collom, Jonah Fertig and Heather Blersch of Local Sprouts Cooperative, Orion Breen of Hour Exchange Portland, and USM’s Student Sociology Association
    WHAT: Empowering Economics: How Worker-Owned Cooperatives and TimeBanks Re-Value Labor and Community
    WHERE: Local Sprouts Café, 649 Congress Street, Portland, ME
    WHEN: May 31st at 2pm

    For more info contact of call 207-619-4437.
    Also mentioned in this Portland Daily Sun article:

Empowering Economics: How Worker-Owned Cooperatives and TimeBanks Re-Value Labor and Community
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