The Next Wave of Co-ops are here! 

The Spring semester of the Coop Academy, our business boot camp for cooperative start-ups, is less than a month away. But before any of the four teams of aspiring cooperative entrepreneurs are able to benefit from the aggressive combination of training, coaching, and technical services such as legal incorporation, graphic design, and website development, first they have to fundraise for their course registration fee ($550 per team member).
It’s their first assignment as a team. We request you donate to one, several or all of these start-up cooperatives. Your donation is their access to training and resources, a network of support, and of course … success. Think of it as an investment in the creation of the economy you’ve always dreamed of.

Make a donation today … then tell your friends.

The Next Wave

1. The Women Of Color and LGBTQ Healing Arts Collectivewill provide holisitc health services to the Bronx by and for womyn of color and the LGBTQ community. The collective will operate out of the Casa Atabex Ache/House of Womyn’s Power in the South Bronx.

2. POPis an online feminist zine created by and for young women of color from the Bronx. It grew out of W.O.M.E.N. (Where Our Minds Empower Needs), a young women’s group at The Point CDC in the South Bronx and aims to fight back oppressive images and talk about women of color in a more positive, complex, and real manner. Watch their amazing video!

3. Eco Rydersis a group of young people dedicated to teaching Bronx youth about the environment and social issues through green skateboard design. They operate out of The Point CDC in the South Bronx.Watch their inspiring video!

4. The NYC Student Credit Union will be a student-owned and operated credit union within the CUNY university system providing financial services tailored to the special needs of students.


Fundraising for the new cohort of Green Worker Cooperatives
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