Meet Ginger Moon, a graduate of Green Worker Cooperatives’ Coop Academy. Ginger Moon is a mother-owned & run worker co-op based in the Bronx that is dedicated to providing healthy food to new moms and their families. 

They call themselves “the food doulas” because they see food as a key ingredient to ensure the health and vitality of a new mother and child. Ginger Moon provides personal chef services as well as food delivery and focuses on the dietary needs of new moms. 

GINGER MOON IS IN THE RUNNING TO WIN $25,000 in the FedEx: Small Business Big Grant challenge. AND THEY’RE THE ONLY WORKER CO-OP IN THE MIX.
VOTE FOR THEM NOW and help them win some much needed seed capital.
Vote every day (yes, its allowed) and tell your friends to do the same.

Help Worker Co-op Moms Win $25,000!
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