It’s official,
Congressman Chaka Fattah introduced the National Cooperative Development Act – H.R. 3677 on December 15th.

“It’s high time for Cooperatives — a great idea that has emerged from and gained success in our urban neighborhoods as well as rural communities – to move onto the national radar,” said Fattah. “This legislation brings federal resources and a policy priority to the effort.”

Spread the good news
Tell all of your fellow cooperators about this exciting bill, forward to your email lists and press contacts, talk about it on Facebook, and on Twitter use #HR3677. Be sure to send everyone to join the campaign!

Here’s the press release from Congressman Fattah’s office:

You can track the bill at:

The bill was introduced with 3 co-sponsors – Bob Brady (PA-1), Barbara Lee (CA-9), and John Tierney (MA-6).
We definitely need more – from both urban and rural areas and from both “sides of the aisle.” We expect more to follow soon – but we need you to make sure it happens.

If you HAVE met with or contacted your Representative’s office, follow up with them and make sure their expressed support becomes an actual co-sponsorship.

If you HAVE NOT arranged a visit with your Member of Congress yet, call the local office, and ask to speak with the staffperson who works on small business, and economic development issues. Tell them about the bill briefly and ask for a visit to explain further.
Find your Representative’s contact info at:
Check out the campaign website for advice on how to advocate.

Report back
Use this form to tell us about your visit. Let us know who you meet with, and their contact info so we can follow up and ensure they become a co-sponsor. You can always email or call too.

Thank you for your continued support!
Peter Frank
Cooperation Works! – Advocacy Coordinator


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HR 3677 – It’s Official!
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