Looking to make a difference in the co-op world and local food? Looking to do it in Maine? Well look no further, as the Gardiner Food Co-op & Cafe in Gardiner, ME is hiring! After a lot of hard work from the members and the community, the co-op has reached the place where it can take the leap to hire its first ever General Manager. This is surely a wonderful opportunity to work in tangent with community members while helping to implement a vision for a more local, just, food economy. Check out an overview of the job and a link to the full description below.

Do you love local foods, the sustainable food economy and co-ops? The Gardiner Food Co-op & Café is currently seeking a highly motivated, experienced and passionate individual for its very first General Manager. We are an up-and-coming, community-owned, local and sustainable food cooperative in Gardiner, Me.  Our values are based on democratic and cooperative principles with a strong commitment to local, sustainable and fairly-priced products, as well as to the needs of our community.  To view a detailed job description click here.


Job Opportunity: Gardiner Food Co-op & Cafe is Looking For its First General Manager
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