Food should be fair!
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Food should be fair! We’re co-sponsoring the 2016 Farmers’ Market Managers Workshop in North Grafton, Massachusetts on April 6th.

This year’s workshop will explore ways in which market managers can build and strengthen local connections. Deep roots strengthen both the market and the community, so we’re calling this gathering “Building Deeply Rooted Farmers Markets: Establishing Effective Community Connections.” Topics will include community organizing, relationship building, market evaluation and health promotion. In conjunction with the workshop, USDA and the Department of Transitional Assistance will be on hand to assist market managers with obtaining their retailer authorization to accept SNAP (food stamp) benefits.* Attendees  can also learn about low-cost equipment options to process SNAP payments.

The workshop is also sponsored by Mass Farmers Markets and the MDAR. A PDF of the agenda and registration information is available here.

* Please note: If you are only attending the SNAP sign up and not the Market Managers Workshop, there is no registration fee or need to register in advance.

Join Us at the 2016 Farmers’ Market Managers Workshop
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