It’s true that we at CDI often do our work in the background. We’re proud of the success our clients achieve, but we affirm that they did it themselves. Still, it’s nice to be recognized for the role we play in fostering innovative, competent, and transformative cooperative ownership!

Kudos to our colleague Jonah Fertig-Burd for this stellar profile in the Portland Press Herald.

Jonah Fertig-Burd standing in his barn
Photo by Portland Press Herald staffer Shawn Patrick Ouellette

We couldn’t say it better than Jonah himself:

“More and more people are looking to do things differently in our economy and cooperatives are increasingly becoming a tool,” Fertig-Burd said. “And a way to increase ownership, equity and the voice of people in their communities.”

We are thankful for you, Jonah, and for all of our outstanding staff and the courageous people who are making life better through shared ownership.

Jonah Fertig-Burd profiled in Portland Press Herald
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