This is it!  The Season Finale of My So-Called Housing Cooperative!

I decided to release episodes 5 and 6 together, and once you watch them, you will probably understand why.  Thanks for watching and please forward to anyone you think would enjoy it.
Episode 5: No Chainsaws at Group Meetings (11 minutes) Annie’s axe goes missing as she begins to uncover the true secret behind the supernatural occurrences in the building.
Episode 6: Returning the Favor (9 minutes) Crushing secrets are revealed and the new members must make their most difficult decision yet.
My So-Called Housing Cooperative is the story of young adults trying to live a life of cooperation and compassion… without losing their minds. Each month’s webisode features a scripted parody based upon real life at the Faire Bande à Part Housing Cooperative (Faire-Op), a 3 story apartment building in Lewiston, ME.
You can see it on the WebsiteFacebookYoutube, and on The Entertainment Experiment, a web site for Maine Made web series.
Last two episodes of My So-Called Housing Cooperative released–heart-breaking and heart-warming
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