A Vermont Public Radio story has quoted CDI’s Sarah Martin on our work with Vermont mobile home communities seeking to transition to resident ownership.

Sarah Martin is a Cooperative Development Specialist under CDI’s NEROC Program. In the VPR story, Sarah talks about our work supporting the residents of St. George Villa as they take steps to gain ownership over their mobile home park.

Blonde woman wearing sunglasses and a burgundy shirt stands in front of a mobile home.
Brenda Thibault is a St. George Villa resident who shares her story with VPR.

Here’s en excerpt from the VPR story featuring Sarah:

“A lot of time when a park comes up for sale, people don’t really understand what that means,” Martin says. “That uncertainty is very uncomfortable for some people and there’s no way of them knowing what the next owner might be like.”

Martin says at St. George Villa the residents have been excited about creating a cooperative. She says she’s usually looking for a simple majority when the idea of cooperative ownership is first raised at a mobile home park — at the first meeting at St. George, she says almost 90 percent of the residents showed up.

Listen to the full story on Vermont Public Radio.


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