October is Co-op Month

    Each October, cooperatives all across America celebrate the role, accomplishments and contributions of our nation’s cooperatives. Cooperative Maine will once again be sponsoring events and raising awareness about co-ops.  

    Cooperative Maine is a network of co-op advocates around the state,
    promoting support for existing cooperatives and encouraging the
    creation of new ones. These can be consumer (such as co-op food
    stores), producer (farmer or craft), worker (such as Fedco Seeds),
    housing (several in Maine and now the purchase of mobile home parks
    by tenants), electric (Eastern Maine Electric Co-op), and credit unions.

    The annual celebrations play a key role in promoting cooperatives to
    co-op members, the public and policy makers. Through a combination of
    media outreach, member education, and interaction with policy makers,
    co-op month events help raise the visibility of cooperatives as a way
    of creating democratic workplaces.

    Research shows that when consumers know a business is a cooperative
    or credit union (which are financial cooperatives), they are more
    likely to do business with it. And with consumer trust in co-ops
    topping investor-owned companies, promoting a business as a
    cooperative is a win-win proposition.

    In Maine, there will be a variety of events taking place during the
    month and stretching into the beginning of November, including Credit
    Union Week, October 14-20, film showings, forums, concerts, and more.

    For more information about Co-op Month and a directory of Maine
    cooperatives, email info@cooperativemaine.org or go to

    October: Co-op Month, with events highlighting cooperatives in Maine
    throughout the Month. Cooperative Maine, 525-7776.

    October 14-20: Credit Union Week celebrated by credit unions
    throughout Maine. Credit Union Day will be on October 18. For local
    events for more info: Jon Paradise, Maine Credit Union League,

    October 18: “”I Am” film shown in conjunction with Co-op Month, time
    TBA, Public Library, Rockland. Good Tern Cooperative, 594-8822 or

    October 21: “Concert for Cooperatives” performance w/Emma’s
    Revolution, 7 PM, First Congregational Church, 22 Tenney Hill, Blue
    Hill. Blue Hill Co-op, 441-2785 or hearme@natisp.com.

    November 1: “Building a Stable Economy Right in Your Own Community”
    presentation/discussion, 6:30 PM, Public Library, Bangor. Cooperative
    Maine, deborahhawkins!@gmail.com.

October is Co-op Month: Events in Maine
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