After three years of hard work, the residents of Windy Hollow Mobile Home Park in Castleton, Vermont have bought their mobile home park and become a cooperative—saving 44 families from the risk of displacement.

The Rutland Herald reported Windy Hollow’s transition to a cooperative:

…With help from the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity Mobile Home Program and the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, CDI helped Windy Hollow board members apply for a $364,000 Community Development Block Grant through the town of Castleton. The grant was then given to the cooperative, (CDI’s Sarah) Martin said.

“The town was supportive with all of it,” Martin said. “They did not want to see people displaced.”

…“This was a labor of love,” Martin said. “I can’t stop gushing about them, I’m so proud of the work they’ve done. I’ve never felt better watching those papers signed after three years.”

Read the full article at The Rutland Herald here.

“Residents form co-op to buy Windy Hollow park” in The Rutland Herald