Sherwood Village Mobile Home Park has become the first cooperatively managed, resident-owned mobile home park in Rhode Island. Congratulations to Sherwood Village residents! CDI was proud to assist residents in becoming owners. We’re featured in this The Coventry Courier story about the transition.

Two Sherwood Village residents pose with a cake saying "We Own It!" in frosting

Residents were informed in early 2017 that the park’s previous owner was planning to sell the property and had found a buyer. That’s when they contacted the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) to talk about options…

“Resident ownership is a growing trend in New England,” according to Andy Danforth, Director of CDI’s New England Resident Owned Communities (NEROC) Program. “Cooperative ownership of mobile home parks is an invaluable form of preserving affordability, and its a priority for the several national non-profit organizations that formed ROC USA in 2008 to make resident-owned communities viable nationwide.”

Read the full article at The Coventry Courier here. 

Residents take ownership of Sherwood Village: Story in The Coventry Courier