Rural Cooperatives Magazine May/June 2016 EditionFor Tax Day this year, we published a Co-op Cathy column that answered the questions “What is the maximum dividend rate that co-ops can offer on preferred stock?” and “What are the implications of issuing preferred stock vs. raising capital through member or supporter loans?”. The responses were written by Margaret Bau, Cooperative Development Specialist at USDA Rural Development Wisconsin, and CDI’s own NEROC Program Director Andy Danforth. Their advice was widely shared among cooperators and was included in the May/June edition of Rural Cooperatives magazine.

The US Department of Agriculture puts out Rural Cooperatives bi-monthly. It contains articles and news items relevant to the field of cooperatives, from development to culture. The magazine is now in its 83rd year of production, making it a staple for US-based cooperators.

Rural Cooperatives Magazine Features Advice from CDI
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