Got Love for Worker Co-ops? 
Join as a USFWC Sustainer!
Have you been looking for a concrete way to support the growing worker cooperative movement?  
How about helping the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives reach our goal of 200 Sustainer members by December 31st?    
Sustainer Members are individuals who value the US Federation’s work and commit at least $10 a month to provide reliable, community-sourced revenue that we can use to do things we might not be able to do with grants.
Years of hard work are starting to bear fruit in the form of a growing movement. Now is the time to ask our allies for a sustained commitment of support.  
“The U.S. Federation has now become the primary source of information and analysis for the worker cooperative field. 
I became a sustaining member because I want to support leadership that is driven by the worker cooperatives themselves.”
Steve Dawson
Founder of Coop Home Care Associates 
Bronx, NY
Your sustainer membership will fund our Federation’s ongoing work to build our members’ power and amplify our voices in discussions of the new economy we are building.

This is work that builds a movement. And grassroots movement-building requires grassroots funding.

That’s 200+ of YOU. At $10 a month. Easy peasy!
“I’m pleased to be able to donate a modest amount each month to keep this organization active and productive.  With the donation automatically deducted each month, it’s an easy way to be actively engaged.  I highly recommend becoming a Sustainer which feels good, saves time, and supports crucial work.” 
Mary Hoyer,  
Union Coops Council and Coop Fund of New England
Please join today as a USFWC Sustainer. Click the ‘Join’ button or visit to learn more.
With our deepest thanks for your belief in this work, and your willingness to back it financially,
~ The USFWC Board and Staff
US Federation of Worker Co-ops Sustainer Drive 2013
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