CDI congratulates the residents of Weston’s Mobile Home Park in Berlin, Vermont for becoming owners of their community! Their conversion to resident ownership was recently featured in this Times Argus article.

Annik Paul, Cooperative Development Specialist in CDI’s NEROC program, supported Weston’s residents in their transition. Her work was featured in the Times Argus story:

Annik Paul, a consultant with the Cooperative Development Institute, credited the board led by Perojo with encouraging membership and promoting an acquisition plan that included obtaining $2.3 million in financing from ROC USA Capital.

“The resident acquisition has broad support in the community and the benefits of ownership were well communicated through door- to-door discussions, mailings, and resident meetings,” said Paul, who facilitated that effort.

Read the full Times Argus story by David Delcore here.

Weston’s Mobile Home Park in Vermont now a co-op