Why I Love Living in a Resident Owned Cooperative

by Joanna Jackson, Medomak Mobile Home Cooperative, Waldoboro, Maine — published by Lincoln County News, October, 2015

Being a member of a resident owned co-op has been life changing for me. There all kinds of co-ops you have heard about: food co-ops, garden co-ops, bank co-ops, but there is something special about a resident owned co-op.

First, when you are living in a resident owned community, you are not just a tenant, you are a member. In my co-op as a member you have some basic rules to follow, like keeping your yard mowed and trash picked up. Second, we also put policies in place to take care of you as well, like snow plowing, affordable rent cost, trash pickup, and community meetings where I know my voice is heard and issues are discussed. These are just a few things that members can enjoy.

One thing that truly amazes me is the people in the community itself. Recently we had a community cleanup day where a group of members got together to fix up an older trailer and turn it in to a community building. Even though it is hard sometimes getting people together for a project, I was overjoyed in all the work that was done, and how much fun it was to do together! Not only was it just the adults doing work, but the kids started showing up wanting to help as well! Other projects we have done and or working on are: our co-op has a community garden for everyone to grow their own food; and we are looking at solar lights to help with the electric bill (as well as keeping the world green.)

There is always someone that you can call on to help if need be, whether it is my heating system won’t work and I have to call Dick, the maintenance chair, to come take a look, or I am not going to make it home in time for my son to get off the bus so I have to send him to my neighbor Linda to look after him until I get home.

Since I have been a member of this little community I have been on the board as secretary. I have planned events, helped people in difficult times, and personally grown in many different ways.

By helping my neighbors, I have seen what I want to do in life and started going back to school to achieve this goal. I know for a fact that my community will be there when I need them for whatever reason to back me up in my goal because I would do the same for them.

Living in a resident-owned cooperative is life changing for ourselves, our co-ops and our surrounding community as well.

PDF of article: “Why I love living in a resident owned cooperative” by Jo-Anna Jackson, Medomak

Joanna Jackson is a resident of the Medomak Mobile Home Cooperative in Waldoboro. October is nationally recognized as “Co-op Month.”

There are two mobile home cooperatives in Lincoln County and both will hold open houses next month. 

“Why I love living in a resident owned cooperative”
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