CDI Annual Co-op Survey 2014


It’s been our pleasure to work with you in 2013-2014 or past years. Your answers to the following questions help track the strength of the cooperative economy in our region and assist in the evaluation and improvement of the Cooperative Development Institute’s programs and services. While we will never share confidential information regarding your business operations, we would like to publish on our website a map of all the projects and organizations with which we work, and share this data through the Data Commons Cooperative. If you prefer that we keep your organization name, location, or contact info private, please let us know by filling in the appropriate response at the end of the section on project info.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our survey administrator, Kathleen Fekete Bauerlein, or 413-665-1271 x5.
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CDI Staff and Consultants
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Kathleen Fekete Bauerlein
Patrick Deluhery

About the Cooperative Development Institute

CDI’s cooperative development specialists work with all different types of start-up and existing cooperatives and group based businesses in just about every sector and industry: consumer, worker, producer, and purchasing co-ops; food, housing and resident owned communities, energy, agriculture, arts, health, forestry, fisheries, retail, service and more. Our service region is the New England states and New York. Using in-house staff and contract services from professionals, we help clients assess business feasibility and prepare implementation plans; provide technical support and training for organizational, legal, governance, financing and accounting issues; and publish cooperative development information on our website and through periodic e-communications. We also encourage and support the development of networks of cooperatives and of cooperation among cooperatives, the sixth Cooperative Principle.
Every year we apply for a federal grant from USDA to operate a Rural Cooperative Development Center. This funding allows us to respond to any cooperative business inquiry from a rural community in our region and provide a modest level of free or reduced-fee hours. We seek other government or philanthropic funds in order to provide intensive assistance for start-up groups and non-rural groups that cannot afford to pay fees, and charge fees for services provided when appropriate and affordable.

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CDI Annual Co-op Survey 2014