Co-operative Resource Library

CDI’s resource center offers connections to other support organizations in our main focus areas in addition to materials we have produced.

What is a Cooperative?

  1. CDI’s About Cooperatives
  2. USFWC’s What is a Worker Cooperative? (PDF) – English, Spanish

Starting a Cooperative

  1. CDI’s How to Start a Co-op Packet (PDF)
  2. CDI’s Online Request for Assistance Form

Sector-Specific Resources

  1. Food systems
  2. Housing
  3. Business conversions and worker co-ops

Educational Opportunities

  1. Saint Mary’s University Management of Co-operatives and Credit Unions program
  2. Cooperative Academies
  3. School for Democratic Management
  4. Round Sky Solutions Collab Courses

Further Information

  3. eXtension Cooperative Community of Practice
  4. Co-op Zone (Canadian)
  5. Co-op Learning Centre (Canadian)
  6. NASCO organizer’s handbook on starting a housing co-op
  7. NCDF Toolboxes on consumer, housing, worker co-ops and more
  8. Food Co-op Initiative

Let us remember the teaching of Akiba, spoken when a small group of the Rabbis were hiding in an attic from the Roman army — for Rome had forbidden both the study and doing of Torah, on pain of death. The Rabbis were debating: Which is greater, study or action? For which should we risk our lives? Finally, Akiba said: “Study is greater, if it leads to action.”