Our friends at the New Economy Coalition have launched an important initiative: A Youth and Student Grant program, of up to $5,000 per project. What’s even more exciting is that the grants are on a rolling basis. That’s right, there’s no deadline. When you think of your idea and get it fleshed out, that’s when you can apply for the opportunity. NEC explains:

There are infinite possibilities. Map the solidarity economy in your community; plan a convening on your campus about community reinvestment; develop curriculum or bring in trainers to help with starting cooperatives, time banks or land trusts in your community; envision together what it would look like for your hometown to adopt policies to support an economy based on solidarity rather than extraction.

The cooperative and new economy movements have really been exploding in youth communities and on campuses across the country, which have launched a wide range of inspiring and transformational efforts. One example is our friends at Co-Cycle, a youth-led, cross country, bike tour for the purpose of co-op promotion and education.

Are you a youth or a student with a big idea for building the new economy? Hop on this opportunity! Know any one who would be a great fit? Pass this along! For anyone interested, NEC says you should start by submitting a letter of interest.

Click here to read the entire NEC newsletter and get to know their team.

A Chance for Youth To Make A Big Splash in the New Economy Movement
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