Below is an inspiring video montage of senior citizens from various resident-owned-communities. Initially, these seniors might have simply been looking forward to a quiet retirement. But in these democratically owned and run co-op communities, they instead found themselves participating in decision making, improving their communities, and looking out for each other – and loving it! Even though it’s more work, you’ll see in the video below that the seniors find it rewarding and appreciate the greater sense of security from knowing the land they live on won’t get sold out from under them. Typically, we might think about senior communities as somewhere that folks go to have someone take care of them. In these communities, however, the residents take care of each other, and they can even vote on how to spend the revenues from rent on matters that will help improve their lives. Better yet, now that neighbors know each other, they reduce their isolation and build strong community ties.

Retirement suddenly got a lot cooler.

In these housing communities, seniors aren’t just retiring. They’re running the show.
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