We’re excited to see the launch of the Worcester Printing Cooperative Project, an offshoot of EthiX merchandising. This is a prime example of existing businesses being the seeds for new enterprises. EthiX has a solid client list with a steady flow of work to seed a new apparel decoration business, and they are ready to do it for a cooperative. The equipment and space are lined up as well. All the business needs is YOU, if you answer “yes” to these questions!

  • Are you committed to fair labor standards and passionate about social responsibility?
  • Have you dreamed of running your own organization – an organization with the mission of changing the world?
  • Are you enthusiastic and have experience in the apparel or print industries? 

See http://www.worcestercoop.com/apply-now.html for more information on the position.

Worcester Printing Cooperative Project launches, seeks first worker-member
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