The residents of Halifax Estates, a mobile home park community in Halifax, Massachusetts, have been working to gain ownership over their community for the past two and a half years. Today, we are pleased to announce that they have completed their deal! Congratulations Halifax Estates!

With 430 homes, Halifax Estates has become the largest resident-owned community in the history of the ROC (Resident Owned Communities) USA network. 

With this purchase, residents have achieved a longtime dream of owning their own community.

This is a community of people aged 55+ with a nine member board of directors, all of whom are women. They’ve worked on this deal completely as volunteers.

The homeowners at Halifax purchased their community for $27M.

Alongside ROC USA, CDI assists mobile home park communities in purchasing and operating their communities as cooperatives.

MHCs are the largest affordable housing segment that don’t have a government subsidy. There are over 200 resident owned MHC co-ops nationally. We welcome Halifax Estates to the family!

Please join the residents of Halifax Estates on Thursday, October 19th from 3-7 pm for a celebration at their community center, located at 33 Redwood Dr in Halifax, MA (02338). 

Halifax Estates Residents Gain Ownership of Mobile Home Park Community in Historic Conversion