On March 16 and 17, CDI had the great pleasure of co-sponsoring Another World is Here: Worker Co-Ops and the Solidarity Economy in Massachusetts conference. Held in Worcester, the conference was attended by over 100 community development practitioners from across the Commonwealth and neighboring states.

Spearheaded by the Center for Economic Democracy, the two-day gathering was organized 

with the intention of building relationships and trust, affirming a Massachusetts solidarity economy network and establishing a format for advancing a Massachusetts Worker Co-op movement.  

New CDI Board member, Maria Fernandes-Dominique, attended the gathering with 3 other board members.  Being her first cooperative conference, Maria was extremely impressed with the event’s great turnout, group goals and clear call to action.  She reports, “I go to many conferences with great energy and inspiring talking points, but seldom do I leave feeling sure of next steps. This conference looked and felt different and I am excited to get involved and help advance the group goals.”

CDI is proud of the investment made to support this one of a kind event and is looking forward to working as a member of the Transitional Steering Committee that will coordinate volunteers to carry out the group goals.   


Strategizing in Solidarity!