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“2015 is truly a booming co-op year,” our own Jessica Pooley told WERU in a radio interview. Whether the focus was housing, food, business conversions, or a vision for a cooperative future, CDI increased momentum by championing the co-op cause everywhere we went.

Concerns about economic inequality brought the model to the fore and co-ops captured attention from all corners: finance, community development, racial justice, even presidential politics. At Cooperative Development Institute, our growth was equally robust and we focused our attentions in sectors that promised the most movement. The three areas that we addressed most were food, housing, and conversions. We also took up organizing co-ops in immigrant and refugee communities, with Native Americans, and among artists. In each we’ve been able to surpass what we dreamed possible at the start of the year.

Read CDI’s 2015 Year in Review here.

Year in Review 2015
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